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We don't always wear suit and tie - or clothes in general, but when we do, we get to work with incredible brands, visionary startups, and world-class corporations on content marketing concepts, strategies, and brand storytelling to boost their credibility and reach .

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Bali Praia

Content Marketing

Another fruitful gig that started in a bar somewhere in Indonesia. Yes, we really like bars! Besides the point, though. We worked with Go-Jek's co-founder Mikey Moran on a content marketing strategy for his latest project. A creative hotspot that combines club, lounge, co-working space, cafe, and all-around good times under one roof.

The message was clear; Music! Lots of it - mixed with educational workshops and a delicious hot brew.

Our content strategy was relatively simple. We used Mikey as the poster boy for Bali Praia. Mikey's an A-list entrepreneur, having founded Indonesia's first (and only unicorn) Go-Jek. We wanted to use him, his success, and his background (in music) as the cornerstone of our storytelling and content marketing efforts.

Using Mikey's pop star status in Indonesia throughout our communications was a huge asset. We basically built the brand by piggybacking off his profile. That part was easy!

The main challenge for us was HOW to interact with the core audience. The brand (and its content) was evolving so fast, which drove us to predominantly use social media and email marketing to drive traffic back to the website and shop.

My Foot Dr.


Yes, we can be serious too! My Foot Dr. contacted us to analyze their existing content and consult on some ideas to improve their on-site SEO and integrated marketing strategy.

We discovered very early on that a clear AND integrated content marketing strategy is missing. The boys and girls at My Foot Dr. did an excellent job at being active on social media, but they struggled in generating traffic back to the website.

My Foot Dr

The strategy lacked an integrated content curation & distribution approach, or in other words, without using fancy terms; They used their communication channels independently from each other, rather than pushing the same/similar content across all channels.

Another construction site was their SEO, or more, the lack thereof. We provided some needed TLC to their existing blog articles. We also constructed an integrated content marketing approach and SEO strategy for their in-house team to adopt.

My Foot Dr

Back in Motion

Digital Marketing

Another one of our more corporate assignments focusing on SEO and overall digital marketing strategy.

Back in Motion Blog Page

Less content marketing - more strategy and SEO. We tried to implement an entirely new information architecture that clearly outlines HOW, WHEN, and WHERE to distribute content and, more importantly, reach clients interested in their services via improved on-site SEO and paid ads.

We also played around with some optimizations that would improve the online performance of the individual clinics - one of the primary pain points Back in Motion had. We came up with a blog within a blog called Health Hub, where individual clinics and practitioners can share more targeted information via blog articles without cannibalizing content display on the main blog.

Health Hub Section on Back in Motion

ACE Health Centre

Brand Marketing
Content Marketing

We go way back with the brothers and sisters from Ace Health Centre. What started out in the owner's garage, treating people's boo-boo's on their feet after hours, turned into one of the most advanced allied health centers on Australia's Gold Coast.

Ace wanted to revolutionize the allied health game and aimed for the "health is sexy" approach. Now, for everyone without a fetish for toenails and knee caps, sexy isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind when calling a physiotherapist or a podiatrist, so we settled on something less erotic, more functional - throughout our storytelling and content marketing.

ACE Health Centre Orthotic Scans

We implemented a more futuristic tone and feel throughout the website copy and emphasized providing value through information vs. boring hard selling.

We also ensured that all communication channels and social media correspond with the company's core principles and are in line with branding guidelines and tone.

Content Marketing
Brand Marketing
Brand Storytelling
Content Creation
Digital Marketing

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