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November 5, 2019

Presidencies Won’t Last Forever But Besties Do

Donnie’s setting up for life after the White House, and Kanye's being Kanye

September 18, 2019

The White Racist Man Next Door

It’s not racism, equality or immigrants the world needs to fear but the false ideas and double-standards that got us there in the first place

November 15, 2019

Yes To Racism!

Even racists are entitled to their opinion, the only problem is; The racist and the victim play for the same team!


Say THANK YOU, Next Time Someone Calls You A Pussy

Being called a pussy is basically someone telling you that you are the baddest badass you can possibly be and that in my books, is a god damn compliment!


He hits like a girl

Wait a minute; Does that mean that trans people shouldn't be allowed to be professional athletes?


The Only Real God We Know Is Money

While I love the fact that Christmas is seemingly bringing different religions closer, I don't like the motivation behind it.