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13,000 (and some) signups in 4 months

A new narrative for european skiing culture and cutting-edge products
Client: SPYDER
Service: Content Marketing
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The short version

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“Europeanized” email, ad copy, and narrative through content marketing
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Email copy, landing pages, ads
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11,000 + email signups in 4 months
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Email click through rate of over 25%


GBG Europe, Spyder’s mother company, wanted to wow European skiers with some improved Email copy that specifically talks to the European market and increase their cult-following in France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, and the UK. They needed an approach that would A, give their European key audiences some much needed TLC, and B, differ in style and tone from their global (US-focused) content strategy. A narrative that would dance around the language barriers and cultural differences and create an environment where the  Bonjours, Grüezis, Buenos Dias’s, and Bongiorno’s would come together to support the Spyder narrative (and its products) across Europe.

What we did

From the very beginning, we started to pal up with the guys over in the US to really understand the business, and more importantly, how they grew their email subscriber list to 250k. We’ve studied the nuances of what makes the brand stand out, and how the brand communicates with their audience across the Atlantic. Once we adapted to the Spyder way of life, we focused on two questions; “How can we unify different markets?”  and “What are their key differences?” The answer to the first question was relatively easy; Their love for skiing and cutting-edge products. The second one; a long list of cultural differences that would form the base for our market-specific sign-up to win competitions and emails.

En route to 11k+ sign-ups we created email copy for each market separately, and snappy ad copy and CTA’s for the social ad campaigns we were running in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, and Italy. The content marketing approach we implemented was informative, yet entertaining, and we’d make sure to highlight Spyder’s products in a gripping, bold way. Every email copy would contain a little twist, providing readers with “something to chew on” - whether that’s industry news, checklists & guides, or Spyder insights, so they’d come back for more.

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We lit up the party with

  • Ad copy
  • Email copy and content
  • Editorials and features with a European spin
  • Social Media sweeps adn sign up to win comps
  • Brand Storytelling athletes


  • 13k growth in email subscribers. We grew that bad boy by 144% in 4 months
  • A (consistent) surge in sales coming through the European e-commerce site
  • Massive engagement and over 5k signups through one single social media sweep

Check it out

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