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14 months, 182 pages, and a few hundred thousand words later

LUEX’s journey to becoming a storytelling powerhouse
Client: LUEX
Service: Storytelling

The short version

Converted 182+ generic website pages to beautiful stories
Changed LUEX’s course of doing business
Product pages, category pages, landing pages, SEO optimization, whitepapers, blog articles, web copy
We helped LUEX acquire additional funding


The boys and girls at LUEX are seriously living the dream. They get to talk to beautiful ladies and gents all day, helping them out to find the perfect luxury surf trip or snow adventure. Their product offering is amazing, ranging from overwater villas in the Maldives to romantic wooden chalets in the French Alps - all catered to people with some extra cash to drop on barefoot luxury or snowflake extravaganza. Their face-to-face conversion was through the roof; however, their online presence took somewhat of a supporting role through the years and needed a polish.

They came to us with one clear objective; A website that truly represents the lifestyle we’re selling. And content that takes their audience on a journey to a faraway land, perfect waves, or fresh powder galore.

What we did

We stripped the pages clean. All of them! We asked ourselves over and over, “what would we want to see or read if we were about to go on a trip of a lifetime kind of vacay?” And what is LUEX’s competitive advantage over its competition? We’ve studied the nuances of what makes the brand stand out, and in the process, crafted a narrative that revolved around LUEX’s track record as the number one experts in luxury surf and snow travel. We carefully crafted stories that would tell the audience exactly what makes each destination and product unique. 

We used a combination of striking visuals, compelling storytelling, and snappy website copy to capture the readers’ attention - ”selling” a lifestyle rather than products or services. We made sure to pack some meat on the bone by providing prospects with value and insights they can’t find anywhere else.

We lit up the party with

  • Website copy
  • Brand storytelling for destination and landing pages
  • SEO focused product pages
  • Changes to the information architecture and how value is distributed
  • Techniques that would facilitate social proof


  • Completely revolutionized the way LUEX is communicating with its audience
  • We’ve created synergies and alliances with LUEX partners and operators
  • Re-shaped LUEX’s content strategy for years to come

Check it out

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