After a year or so in denial, I finally convinced myself that it might be a good idea to start a Sunny Creates Twitter account and re-assess my digital marketing strategies. The truth is, I have been kicking myself ever since I’ve signed up for not jumping on the Twitter bandwagon sooner. Although it has only been a few weeks, I am amazed at how easy it is to not only interact with people but reach out AND connect with some very influential and talented individuals. To me, it’s impressive how much information you get out of 140 characters and unlike Facebook or Instagram how targeted these messages, quotes, infographics, etc. are.

I started to show some of the tweets to a few of my clients and noticed something even more incredible. My clients began to ask very specific questions, fuelled by their own fears and constraints, about the personal lives, business models and achievements of the individuals behind the Twitter profiles we’ve discussed. Fast forward, these questions and the curiosity of my clients let to a series of very personal interviews with Twitter’s crème de la crème. The interviews showcase a very different side of some of the platform’s biggest influencers, revealing valuable insights about fears, perseverance or the daunting thought of leaving a well-paid job to start a business.

Matt Press kicks off this very exciting and insightful series of Twitter celebs interviews. He was kind enough to sit down with Sunny Creates to reveal what life has in store for a kick-ass Copywriter who’s worked with some of UK’s biggest Brands.

 Who is Matt Press?

I am the founder, owner, and director of Splash Copywriters with over 20 years experience working for some of UK’s biggest brands, such as Sky, Three, and Vodafone. I was the senior editor for Sky Sports for eleven years – So there is no surprise there when I say that my hobbies mainly revolve around sports and occasionally annoying my neighbors by learning how to play the guitar. Other than spending quality time with my wife and two children, I am dedicated to try and help budding copywriters find jobs

What are the three things you wished you would have known at the start of your career?

Firstly, that really, very few people actually know what they’re doing. Many professionals are winging in all walks of life, across all sorts of industries. Secondly, I have realized over the years that courses and qualifications are no substitute for going out in the world and creating your own experience. Lastly, and perhaps the most important lesson I have learned over the years is that being honest and having integrity will go a long way in business.

Do you think you have a particular habit or routine that helped you become successful in what you do?

I’m a pretty methodical person and a bit of a list-maker. As a freelancer, it’s vital that you’re disciplined and if you’re in any way forgetful, simply writing down a list of goals to accomplish for the day, month or whatever it might be, is a good idea.

What was the biggest lesson you have learned throughout your career?

There is no limit to what you can achieve if you keep your eyes open and learn from everything you see and hear.

How do you keep yourself motivated and inspired?

I’m passionate about helping businesses grow. There is nothing quite like creating copy for a client that generates tangible results. Whether we’re talking about SEO, sales or website traffic, getting results for clients is inspiring.

At the beginning of your career, what was the number one fear you’ve had that actually never came true?

At the start of my career, I often doubted myself and thought that I might never be good enough or clever enough to be able to become my own boss.

Touching on the question before, what was the number 1 setback you’ve had so far and how did you manage to fight through it?

Getting overlooked for a managerial position. I was clearly the most experienced person for the job but didn’t have the right skill set to manage 30+ people. In hindsight though, it was the right decision, and it directed me down a different route – The route of being a freelancer.

What was the best advice you’d been given so far?

To dream big. Because basically, life is really short and if you’re not ambitious and chasing a career that means something to you and others, then what’s the point?

What the number one thing you’d do if you would start a business today?

Find a Niche! Creating a product or service that appeals to the masses is both rare and tough. It’s much more likely that you’ll be able to do that for a specific need though.