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Who, Why and Where to find us

A short story about how it all started and our path to world (content creation) domination. The End.

At first, it was warm, cozy and dark...

Now, I try to run the show here.

I'm a content marketer, writer, storyteller and semi-pro traveler - sometimes liked, sometimes loved, sometimes desired (I wish...) for my big ideas, creative content marketing, and carefully crafted stories.

I'll throw, jump or shoot myself out of anything for a killer project unless it's dangerously dangerous or if mom is watching. Besides looking for love online (obviously for my work - duh), I engage in activities involving H20 + board, friends, reads, travels, adventures, coffee - and on good days, all at the same time.

Our minions ... Oops, team. I meant team!

Mohamed Hamoda

Visual Storyteller & Editor

Morgan Bernard

Staff Writer & Storyteller

Steve Hagan

Social Ads Specialist

Dave Sonntag

Content Writer & Strategist

Toby Rosenberg

Head of Development

Kattalin Idarreta Elustondo

Head of Projects

Mike Chaney

Videographer & Photographer

Luke Ross-Edwards


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