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Who, Why and Where to find us

A short story about how it all started and our path to world (content creation) domination. The End.

At first, it was warm, cozy and dark...

Now, I try to run the show here.

I'm a content marketer, writer and (wannabe) semi-pro traveler - sometimes liked, sometimes loved, sometimes desired (okay okay, this is not true) for my big ideas, creative content marketing, and carefully crafted stories.

I'll throw, jump or shoot myself out of anything for a killer project unless it's dangerously dangerous or if mom is watching. Besides looking for love online (obviously for my work - duhh), I engage in activities involving H20 + board, friends, reads, travels, adventures, coffee - and on good days, all at the same time.

Our minions ... Oops, team. I meant team!

Jason McCall

Staff Writer

Steve Hagan

Social Ads Specialist

Dave Sonntag

Content Writer & Strategist

Toby Rosenberg

Head of Development

Kattalin Idarreta Elustondo

Head of Projects

Mike Chaney

Videographer & Photographer

Luke Ross-Edwards


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